Ribble Bunks

A versatile, removable bed system for the kids.

Adventurous camp out! Kids love these canvas, pole-berth bunks.

Strong breathable canvas! Choose from a range of colours and customise the length to suit your campervan.

Make the most of a small space. Keep your campervan open and airy during the day, and quickly slot the beds in at night to expand your sleeping capacity.

Easy to store! Roll the bunks up for a small packed size.

Concealed downlighters. These bunk supports are multi-purpose. Add on warm led’s for soft mood-lighting.

Anti-roll barriers. Keep the kids safe with anti-roll barriers which easily clip to the ceiling, complete with high quality brass details and handy pockets.

Ultimate versatility. Available as a single or double. Or, if you aren’t sure, future-proof your van with the double, but only put the single up.

Compatible with any van including, hi-top Transporter’s, Vivaro’s and Transit Custom’s as well as all larger vehicle bodies including, Movano’s, Sprinter’s, Boxer’s, Crafter’s, Relay’s and many more.


Prices vary depending on specification and size. Please see our Price List for details.

Please contact us and we will tailor a quote to your specific preferences.

The Ribble Bunks are a Registered Design by Contour Campervan Furniture Ltd.

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