Bivi L-Shaped Bed

Creating a spacious and sociable living area.

Slots together easily, to form a strong and durable bed that measures 185 x 114cm.

Boot space! A huge drawer, on sturdy runners, is the perfect place to clear away your kit and keep the living area tidy.

Pop-up length, means it fits in both SWB & LWB vans (pictured in a SWB T6). It can also be used as brew shelf when it’s in sofa mode!

Compatible with Transporter’s, Vivaro’s, Trafic’s, Transit Custom’s and more.

Prices vary depending on specification and size. Please see our Price List for details.

Please contact us and we will tailor a quote to your specific preferences.

The Bivi L-Shaped Bed is a Registered Design by Contour Campervan Furniture Ltd.

Back door views, from the comfort of your very own sofa. Combine with a swivel for seating for up to 5.

Personalise your space, with custom upholstery & comfortable 100mm thick foam. Choose from a range of hardwearing upholstery fabrics.

Have a look at our range of sofa-beds, kitchen units and sideboards. With layouts and options to fit most makes and models of van. Available to ship flat-pack, collect fully assembled or have fitted in your van at our workshop.